Piano Projects

Audience Friendly Performances

When I say the phrase 'classical music' you might immediately think 'stuffy', 'unapproachable', and 'pretentious.' I think that too. But, I want to help change that perception because this music has changed my life and I want to share it with you. So, when you come to a concert of mine, I hope that you will be entertained, laugh a little, maybe cry, and just have a good time learning about this incredible music.

Joy and Imagination

In this concert I share stories about my own journey and connect them to the imaginative journeys of brilliant music writers.

Joy and Imagination Recording

Joy and Imagination will be available in February 2020. Stay tuned for the release party and Facebook live event. The recording is being recorded by Robert Bullington and produced by Hugh Sung. Much of the repertoire performed on the Joy and Imagination recital will be on the album.