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Are Your Odds Better Playing Keno Or Slot Machines

Online slot machines are superior to the land-based variety in two ways: Payback is normally higher. You can expect games to pay the same across different casinos. Online slots payback can range from 94% to 99%. But the average for modern internet slot machines is 96%. This is obviously better than slot machines in brick and mortar casinos.

If we compare this percentage with the one that’s usually found in online keno games, we will notice that these percentages are significantly lower. You can expect payouts of between 75% and 85% in online keno games. Playing keno online is more convenient It also improves the odds of winning because you can expect better payout percentages The pay tables are also significantly better than their live keno counterparts, but because games can be completed a lot faster the wagers will run money through the machines at a much higher velocity, just like slots and other games of its sort. And the pay tables can vary from casino to casino, as this 2017 survey of casinos in Las Vegas shows.

Are Your Odds Better Playing Keno Or Slot Machines - Rowan Casino

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