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Gustav Hoyer, the Anachronism Podcast, and Me

Friends, run over to and check out the latest episodes on his Anachronism Podcast. You will find the familiar voice of yours truly on three episodes and two of the latest released episodes.

Also you will be astounded by the latest music releases of Gustav's orchestral music. I cannot keep my excitement to myself any longer over his work. Go and listen! It's all on his website.

I particularly love 'Adventure at Sea' performed by the Budapest Symphony.

The above mentioned podcast is curated by Gustav - an incredible human being, business operative, composer, puzzle creator and master (he built one of the most unique Escape Rooms ever created), impresario, polymath, and friend.

We have known each other for years and have recently been reunited around solving problems related to education in music and the music industry. Stay tuned because the solutions to some of these problems are being tested right now and the results are telling.

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